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Sunday, May 02, 2010

In case you aren't already jealous of my job

Up until now my school schedule has been pretty rough. I mean, 20 hours of class a week (one two-hour class, ten times), 4 office hours, 2 hour lunch breaks every day, and Fridays off. But here's what it looks like from here on out (unlisted days are class days, except weekends):

May 4 (Tues) - TOEIC Tests, 2 afternoon classes reduced to 1 hour rather than 2
May 5 (Wed) - Children's Day, no class
May 7-9 (Fri-Sun) - Weekend
May 10-13 (Mon-Thurs) - Spring sports festival, all classes cancelled.
May 13 (Thurs) - 4pm teach kids blackjack. 5pm operate Korean liquor tent and drink with students.
May 14-16 (Fri-Sun) - Weekend
May 17-18 (Mon-Tues) - Engineering "Membership Training" (Like rush week a little bit; all the kids in the same department go on a trip and bond over lots of booze and hijinks.) All 5 classes cancelled.
May 21-23 (Fri-Sun) - Weekend
May 26-27 (Wed-Thur) - Tourism MT (see above). 3 out of 5 classes cancelled.
May 28-30 (Fri-Sun) - Weekend
June 2 (Wed) - Election day, classes cancelled.
June 4-6 (Fri-Sun) - Weekend
June 7-10 (Mon-Thurs) - My only full week of work between now and September.
June 11-13 (Fri-Sun) - Weekend
June 15 (Tues) - Proctor exam in the morning
June 16-20 (Weds-Sun) - Weekend
June 21-24 (Mon-Thurs) - Appeals week. Office hours from 1-5 pm for settling grade disputes.
June 25 - September ?? - Summer vacation!

How sweet it is.


exceki said...

Come to LA!!

Mike said...

You know, "icekeki" is the word Koreans use to express the phrase "I can see your underwear," particularly when a gust of wind or a prankster lifts up a girl's skirt.

As for a trip to the States, I can't handle the carbon cost of flying for recreation. The plan is to stay close to home, visit some farms, maybe catch a boat to Japan.

hurnia said...

BS. BS. I call BS!

(yes, that is what my captcha was)