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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


= soonsoonsoon

If all goes according to plan, I'll be leaving for London on Saturday morning. I'll be catching a taxi (reserved the night before) at about 4:30, getting a ride to the bus terminal, taking a 5-hour bus ride to the international airport, then waiting around for 3 hours until boarding my plane to London. I'll leave Seoul at about 1:30 and arrive in London around 5:30, despite spending 14 hours or so in the air. On the way home, I spend only 12 hours in the air, but I leave at 9 pm and arrive at 4pm the next day. Crazy how that stuff works.

My extremely tentative schedule is the following:
Dec. 1: Arrive in London
Until Dec 7/8ish: Mooch off Bob (and Laura) as much as possible.
Dec 7/8ish: Mozy on over to Switzerland and mooch off Megan as much as possible.
Dec 13/14ish: Move on down to Italy. If possible, stop in Domodossola and visit my Italian 101 professor. Also, if possible, find my way to Sils Maria, where Nietzsche lived during the springs.
Dec 15-17ish: Head to Genoa and meet my Padova literature prof. Maybe take a day trip to Torino, the home of an awesome poet, Pavese.
Dec 18-20: On to Verona to see another ex-professor and then to Padova to meet up with the old host family. Hopefully I can woo them into cooking some awesome stuff for me. If I don't gain an average of 0.5 pounds each day over the course of the trip, I'll consider it a failure.
Dec 21: Find a way to get back from Venice to England.
Dec 22: Fly out of Heathrow
Dec 23: Arrive in Incheon at 4ish. Take a bus to Seoul. Take the train to Daegu. Get home around 9 if I'm lucky.
Dec 24: Teach at 4pm.
Dec 25: Holiday. Choose from 3 or 4 new apartments that the bosses will have scouted out.
Dec 26: Teach in the afternoons. Move in the mornings.
Dec 28: Finish moving.
Dec 29-Dec 31: 3 day weekend. Company dinner. Maybe head downtown for the new year, though the lunar calendar isn't so important here...
January: Life goes back to normal.