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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lunar New Year

Guess who's going to be spending some time down in Thailand over the Lunar New Year period? My guess is - not you. HAHHA.

Seriously, George and I just bought our tickets. I don't remember exactly where we're going, or what we're doing, because it was all in Korean. It's some crazy tour package that includes our tickets (Feb 6-Feb 10), accommodations (3-4 star hotels), food (hotel buffets, special lunches, etc), transportation, and guides. I think we go first to Bangkok, then to a little place known (don't laugh) as Phi Phi island.

Activities included: beach tours, forest tours, elephant tracking, massage, scuba diving (for a fee), and who knows what else. Suffice it to say, it shall be sweeeeeeeet.

Plus I've been considering spending some time in southeast asia after my contract in Korea finishes, so maybe I'll have a better idea of what I might be getting myself into...

PS Sorry I never post anymore. I work a lot. And play squash a lot.