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Sunday, October 28, 2007


That's right, I've prolonged the moderately annoying practice of putting korean titles on my posts. This means "get ready." The familiar (as opposed to the polite or the formal) command form is used, so you know how little I respect you.

What are you getting ready for? Well, there's a Halloween party going down at school soon and I just went to the store and bought myself a costume. It is : Happy Partybox Knight Set! I believe it's designed with 12 year old boys in mind, but I can manage to get it on if I twist my neck just the right way. It's mostly red and gold, with a cape/shoulderpad combo, a sweet centurion hat with a tuft, a shield that looks like the swiss flag, and a little sword. In a few days' time, you may or may not have access to me running some little preschoolers through with a sword. Or getting my costume tugged on. Or just being laughed at and tearing off the outfit in utter dejection as another one of my seemingly brilliant ideas is met with ridicule once again. Only time will tell...