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Saturday, October 27, 2007

새로운 사진

That means "new pictures." Click the new link over to the leftish.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Sorry for the lack of posting. I'll try to do something worthwhile this weekend.

In the meantime, though, listen to the following track out of my practice book and then tell me how awesome I am for perfectly answering all ten comprehension questions. Not only that, but they weren't even hard. I mean, come on. Here's the low-down: the bag is 45 bucks and is super-popular with kids, the socks are 2 bucks and she takes 4 pairs, the 75 dollar pants are too expensive but the 55 dollar ones are fine, and you can go visit the office on the 25th floor of the 63 building in Seoul . Finding the office is easy, but don't go in the first door after you get out of the elevator. It's the second door on the right. Also, she's really polite while giving directions.

If you listen closely, you will probably be able to pick out the words for "elevator" and "building." Or, you know, you could also go read something interesting at http://www.bookforum.com.