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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Stomach bug, haircut

I had my first stomach trouble of my stay here this week. What did I eat, you ask? Was it 김치? 만두국? 붕오빵? No, it was not Kimchi or Manduguk or pungoppang. The culprit was 피자 and 지긴 텐더 - pizza and chicken tenders. And coke. No peppers, no weird fermented veggies, no unknown substances.

Speaking of unknown substances - I bought a bottle of aloe juice at the store. That stuff is delicious. It's got these little floating particles of aloe, almost like bubble tea, though not so nasty.

And the haircut. I went to the little salon on the 2nd floor, where for 7 bucks they cut my hair, shampooed me, and gave me a bit of "hair essence." There were 2-3 people stationed around me at all times, some of them speaking enough english to say things like "I wish your hair." They may also have been confused with my trogdor shirt, you know, since the dragon has manlegs, puny wings, and a big beefy arm coming out of his back. In any case it was pretty luxurious, but cost nothing due to a little something I like to call the Belassa-Samuelson effect. I learned about that in internationl macro class. pretty sweest stuff - for those of us in developing countries, anyway.