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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Eid Ma Clack Shaw

I am unfortunately chronically dream-impoverished; they rarely come to me, and when they do, they usually involve someone chasing me with a mallet through an endless series of hospital rooms filled with (fully clad) Thai nurses. Occasionally, of course, I get a decent, intriguing one that lingers. I really like the ones where I speak Korean in the dream and wake up with the realization that my grammar was off. But I've had another sort, to - the sort where I seem to have come to understand something, to have solved some philosophical problem or philosophical dilemma. After such dreams, I wake up with feelings of pride and relief; but then, when I try to look back and figure out exactly what puzzle it was that I unravelled, I can't find anything. What a let down!

Behold: a song for those of you who have been through this bizarre experience. Or who want to go through it vicariously.