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Sunday, December 02, 2007

I want to make my title in Korean but Bob's computer can't handle it

I arrived in London last night, some 15ish hours ago. It's now 8:30 on Sunday morning, and I've just woken up, so despite yesterday's bizarre schedule, I think I'm doing OK. Here's how a rundown of my trip:

Friday night
10PM get off work. Go to the gym, chat and keep score, say bye to the dudes.
11PM go home, snack, finish packing, read articles from bookforum, debate whether or not to sleep
1:30AM go to sleep
3:20AM wake up, shower, eat, go
4:20AM catch a taxi in front of my house
4:45AM Arrive at the bus terminal way early for my 5:20 bus
4:50AM Take an earlier bus. Sleep for 2 hours or so, snack at a rest stop, then sleep another 2.
9:00AM Arrive at the airport, check in, wander around duty-free shops and restaurants
1:00PM Board the plane. Note that they haven't upgraded the video system, so I can only choose between Ultimatum, Harry Potter, Thomas the Tank Engine, a movie where John Travolta crossdresses, two corny old Elvis musicals, and a bunch of chinese stuff. I decide to pass the entire 12 hours studying chinese characters, reading "From Shakepseare to Existentialism," eating whatever they will give me, and napping. I take at least 4 or 5 2-hour naps.
2AMish Seoul Time/5PMish UK time: Land, deplane, go to customs. As I'm in line, one of the customs agents with a lady at her desk yells out, "Can anyone here speak Korean?" Despite the fact that my plane came from Seoul and had lots of Koreans on it, some of whom must certainly have spoken English better than I do Korean, nobody spoke up, so I reticently raise my hand and wiggled it in that "kinda" sort of way. She asked me to come up, so I cut through about 15 minutes of people and helped the customs agent ask some questions to the Japanese woman who was having some trouble. My insane interpretation skills managed to get her into the country, though it's odd that the customs agent would take my word for anything. Anyway, as a reward for being a good samaritan, I got to skip most of the line. As if showing off weren't reward enough.
6:30PM: Bob shows up at the airport. Hurrah. We take the "tube" (IE subway) back to his apartment, have some dinner, sit around and chitchat for a while, and then go to bed.

Today, eventually we'll be off to some market with a funny name, and who knows what else. I'll take some pictures