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Monday, January 14, 2008

Why my job rocks:

(Last night, after work, going down in the elevator with some middle schoolers. I had gotten a haircut on Saturday. )

Ricky: Teacher, why is your head so small? (Extreme Korean compliment!!)
Me: Huh?
Ricky: Your head, it is small.
Me: Oh, yeah. (Thinking). When I was young, I got in an accident.
Ricky: What?
Me: My parents, they ran over my head with the car. (Mimic action of tire running over my head). They squished it like this, so it's small.
Ricky: You are liar! (Pause) Why is George's head so big?
Me: Uh...it's like a balloon. You can blow into his ear and puff it up. Try it next time he's giving you dictation.
Ricky then leaves my side and goes into the convenience store in awkward, frustrated silence.