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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Where am I now?

That's right, I'm in Pukhet. Stinkin' Thailand! In my super-luxurious randomly upgraded hotel room. Wearing a bathrobe. Oh my lord. I think I'll go out to my lagoon-overlooking terrace and relax for a while. Then maybe I'll wander around and cash in my coupon for a complimentary kilo of locally-produced pineappes, and other assorted goodies. Hopefully they won't mind if I'm still in my bathrobe.

Seriously, this is the best end to the crappiest day of traveling I've ever experienced. After lounging around for most of Wedsnesday, George and I caught a taxi to the train station at 2AM, tried unsuccessfully to avoid having a dual-harmonica played at us by some drunken hobo until our train came at 2:45, caught a taxi to the airport at 4:05, stood around in the cold until the airport opened at 4:30, waited till 6:30 to meet our tour group, waited till 8:10 to board, then waited again till 9:45 because of a delay, then got to Thailand at about 2:30 local time (after a 6 or so hour flight, waited at customs for an hour, then for the rest of our group to clear customs for another hour, then were taken out for a sb-par korean dinner, and finally got taken to our hotel. Thai people gave us pineapple slushies, served inside of pineapples. Our room is incredible and has a breakfast nook and a place marked "for your convenience" where the "roomboy" will "gladly" clean our shoes for us. The furniture is all made out of shiny, delicious-smelling cedar. George is moaning in the jacuzzi. Oh yeah, the jacuzzi also overlooks the lagoon. Holy crap. I don't know what else to say. Sweet lord almighty.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

For what it's worth

I know I never finished my tales about Europe, just like I never finished my tales about Seoul or Busan, and just like I most likely won't finish my tales about THAILAND, WHERE I AM GOING IN A MATTER OF HOURS, but anyway, I put up some pictures from London at the picasa page. As always, the link is on the left.


I was at the gym tonight, playing squash as usual. I watched a guy and a lady play. The guy lost, and then made a comment like "man, since 2008 started, I can't' win a game!" I decided to console him as he went to the water fountain, so I tried to say "Don't worry, it's a bad year. " Unfortunately, korean has two words for year ("nyun" and "hae"), just as it has two words for month ("wol" and "tal") and two words for day (il and nal), and I don't really know the differences. I apparently picked the wrong word for year and wound up saying something that meant, more or less, "she's a nasty bitch." Needless to say I got some double-takes.