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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

It's Out!. Finally! Well, almost!

After months and months of back and forth and delays, I am proud to announce that I have officially received the video file for my TED talk, "My Path to Green Living."  17 minutes, 12 seconds of me hogging the spotlight, enunciating, flopping jokes, and trying to explain how I've changed, and why, since December 2008.  With no further ado, I beg you to watch and share my fifteen minutes of fame:

Just kidding.  Bossman says if I show it to you via youtube or facebook, it will unleash a host of penalties and sanctions and embargoes and other unpleasnatries on the TEDxPalgong team.  Wouldn't want that. 

I have half a mind to upload a script - I had been meaning to do that anyway - but the truth is that I've got 3 hours before I head out with a friend and a bicycle and a tent and make my way down to Jeju Island, more affectionately known as "Korea's Hawaii." I hear that food is expensive there, that tangerines are plentiful, and that and that people speak a dialect so thick as to be unintelligible to mainlanders. 

The timing on this video release is so odd!  I felt like the fact that the TED talk itself occurred just in that narrow gap between when my teaching had ended and Mom and then Jeff were to visit was itself pretty perfect. And now, the video itself comes out the day before I initiate the warm-up phase of my MASSIVE BICYCLE TRIP which I guess is for real now because I spent 300 bucks applying for my visa for China yesterday, and also sent 20kg of books and souvenirs and stuff back home.  But more on that later.

Thanks to Chan Tha for introrducing me to the Cambodian countryside and to Michael Pollan for writing books and to Sadhana Forest for being there and to Suzie for the editing and coaching and to Junyoung, Seongmin, Mija, and the rest of the TED team.  Assa! And thanks to everyone else for reading and being cool and inspiring me in your own ways.  

Something tells me today's gonna be a good day!