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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ego Boost

This afternoon I needed some tomatoes for lunch, so I left my little apartment (leaving it unlocked, since the only people I have seen or chatted with in my 4-apartment complex are old ladies), walked about 30 seconds down the street, and started talking with some other old fruit-selling ladies. They sell big tomatoes and little ones, and I asked how much the little ones are. Then, for some reason, they asked if I had been in Korea for 3 years. I must have pretty awesomely pronounced my 3 words in order to give them that impression. Either that or I just totally misunderstood what they were asking me.

In other ego news, I am proud of two new links somewhere around this page, which should bring up the websites of Bob and Laura, who are moving to London and Uganda, respectively. I think I may have a month break in November, so now I have to decide whether to go to the USA to see people, to Italy to see people and to get some certifications, to Bangkok to see Thailand and to get some certifications, or to Uganda to expand my continent count. Decisions, decisions...