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Monday, August 08, 2011

I Miss Hangugeo

My time here in the'Merica has left me a bit nostalgic for Korean. Just want to say stuff all turn around then say having to is so fun!* I suppose other foreigners find that this makes stuff like shopping and riding in taxis incredibly frustrating. I, on the other hand, naturally ahbor taxis and shopping, so mixing in a little bit of linguistic intrigue makes them bearable for me.

So, in honor of this sentiment, I present to you a rap by 마익흘 (Michael) about the basics of the Korean alphabet. Note that even though I spell my name a little differently (마이클), it comes out the same.

*That's approximately what "It's so fun to have to take eveyrthing you want to say and then say it in reverse" comes out like in Korean.