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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I feel like anyone and everyone who reads this blog has a serious interest in knowing that

the other day, outside of Muthunga National Forest and Wildlife Reserve, I saw some monkeys on the side of the road. 15 or 20 of 'em. Mostly they were just hanging out, eating banana peels and picking through plastic bags to see what goodies they could find. Walking around, hooting, suckling, climbing, dashing. Normal monkey stuff, ya know? AND THEN!

Monkey A is just chilling in walking position, with all 4 limbs on the ground. Monkey B walks up behind Monkey A, sticks his hand between A's rear legs, and grabs A's penis Everything goes slow-mo and I can't believe what I'm seeing. B pulls A's member down and backwards between his legs, and it seems to stretch like silly puddy. He relaxes his grip, it all goes back to normal, and then he gives it three or four more tugs. I stand in both awe and disgust at the elasticity of A's 6th appendage. B then scampers off hollering, and A, seemingly after contemplating whether or not the event was shameful enough to warrant retribution, plods off after him.

Unfortunately all four of us had already put our cameras away, figuring that we'd content ourselves with some photos of monkey moms and babies and a sweet tree squirrel the size of a cat. Just my luck.