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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More press!

Now, in addition to having published two articles, I've been quoted in one. The Korea Herald, one of Korea's biggest English newspapers (if not the biggest; really, I have no clue) recently ran an article on veg*anism here in South Korea.

Here's what she got from me:

"Daegu Vegetarian Club is soon to start group dinners, and the Green Consumer’s Alliance organizes a weekly vegetarian dinner there. They discuss the ecological significance of food."


"“I know Korean food now far better than I did when I was eating meat, since the limitations you accept by becoming a vegetarian encourage you to seek out new options,” said Roy. He often eats meat-free dinners with his friends, most of which eat meat, and recommends that everyone try a vegetarian restaurant once a week to experience new dishes."

As well as a link to my Daegu Green Living blog! Woohoo!

Some other Korean vegan bloggers (including Mipa of "Alien's Day Out," whose blog I of course follow steadfastly) were also quoted. Hurrah!

While I'm excited about having been able to bring my views to a large audience and about having managed to get some exposure for DGL, I feel a little uneasy about the interview process itself. The author contacted me through the Facebook group "Vegan Korea." Or, rather, she contacted the group admin, who sent out a message asking if anyone wanted to be interviewed for the article. I volunteered, and the author sent me a list of questions, which I answered at length. I'm not at all disappointed that she pared my answers down - that was completely expected and justified - I'm just a little weirded out by how little my identity was checked. Is it really possible to find decent sources by sending out a Facebook message asking who wants to contribute? Of course, we vegans are an inherently trustworthy bunch*, so in this case I'm sure everything will work out OK.

I dunno, it's midnight and I don't feel like raining on my own parade. Vegans 3, Industrial Food System Complex 1 Billion. Things are lookin' up!

*Facetious comment!