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Monday, March 12, 2007


For this and for other pictures of my new hair and how I dress for school, go here. Remember that I can't smile for a camera, so something like the one on the left is the best you'll get.

As part of the franchise deal, some other people make a webpage for our school, which you can check out here. If you float the mouse around enough places, you'll eventually find the staff page which has a few pictures of me and the coworkers. The pictures are all a little squashed, though.

This page has pictures of the lobby, the outside bulletin board, the library/room where we show the parents all of our nice looking books and try to get them to send us their kids, a standard classroom, and the computer lab I'm in right now. You can't see my computer, but I think the chair in the corner of the picture is the one I'm in right now.

In other news, I checked out a new squash gym on Sunday, which I was able to go to because a Canadian fellow I know has a car. I found out that it's one of the best complexes in Korea, which strikes me as odd since it only has 5 courts. Nonetheless, in early may, it will host the Asian squash championships and I intend to go there with my camera. Maybe my racket too.

This gym is gigantic and occupies about 6 floors. The 4th floor is a gigantic locker room and spa, so I have now had my first experience being naked with 200 korean men. Don't worry, if I bring my camera to the championships, I won't make use of it in the locker room. Anyway, it's weird enough being surrounded by korean kids in a classroom. It's even weirder when you're naked, they're naked, and you're in a pool or a shower and they come up and try to talk to you. I mean, it's kind of cute. But a little freaky.