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Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I was at the gym tonight, playing squash as usual. I watched a guy and a lady play. The guy lost, and then made a comment like "man, since 2008 started, I can't' win a game!" I decided to console him as he went to the water fountain, so I tried to say "Don't worry, it's a bad year. " Unfortunately, korean has two words for year ("nyun" and "hae"), just as it has two words for month ("wol" and "tal") and two words for day (il and nal), and I don't really know the differences. I apparently picked the wrong word for year and wound up saying something that meant, more or less, "she's a nasty bitch." Needless to say I got some double-takes.


1 comment:

the bombanaut said...

hahahahahaha. just get some soju in him and work your magic and i'm sure all will be fine.