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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

No more teachers, no more books

EDIT:New pictures posted.

No, this is not some ideological post about education. Though I feel one stirring.

Rather, it's a post about how it's Thursday, May 6, 3:08PM, and I don't have any class until the morning of Wednesday the 19th. About that, and how about it's not even summer vacation. How do you like the apples?

What will I do, you ask? Despite the temptation to sit around the house in my underwear fawning over my bean sprouts, studying Chinese characters, and playing my meditation bowl, I have actually made plans to go do something. I'm heading down to the area around Busan (3rd biggest city in Korea, Southeast coast) to go meet a parent-aged couple who retired and then to some degree renounced the world (I recently learned how to say this in Korean and I now try to throw it into conversation whenever possible),moving out to the mountains, tending a garden, and living like the ancients. Or at least, that's what I'm expecting.

Anyway, I'm gonna go hang out with some low-tech quasi-farmers for a week. Free room and board in exchange for some help every day with whatever they've got going on.

Lately I have been talking the talk - the "I hate industrial/post-industrial society and want to live in a non-destructive way" talk quite a bit, but aside from a few months at Sadhana, I have yet to walk the walk. So here's to trying it out for a week.

And yes, I will return to my old ways and blog and post pictures about it when I get back.


AZ said...

Proud of you, Kroy. (or, if you prefer, emo mike)

Dave said...

Sounds like that should be a fun, albeit brief, change of pace. Just between you and I, was "fawning over my bean sprouts" a euphemism?

Mike said...

Dave, that comment was definitely not between the two of us. As I'm sure you know.

Also, as I'm sure you know, it was indeed a eupehmism. I'll upload a picture of the true meaning in a few days' time.