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Sunday, April 12, 2009


Chronological posting has begun. Photos from the first half of December (i.e. Taiwan, and Singapore) have now been uploaded.

UPDATE: The rest of December (Mainland Malaysia and Borneo) have been posted.

UPDATE: (15 April) Angkor Wat and the rest of the Cambodia photos are up.

UPDATE: (16 April) Vietnam photos are up.

UPDATE: (17 April) Laos and Chiang Mai pictures are up. That's the whole 10 weeks up until the CELTA course!


Anonymous said...

HOw tall are you 5 2?

Mike said...

If you are an average white American male age 20-39, I am probably an inch or two shorter than you.

But I make up for it in scrappiness.

DCP said...

I guess that's the kind of question you get after backpacking with two freaks of nature.

Mike said...

The question must have been prompted by the first pic on that little auto-slideshow, which is me sandwiched between the two of you monstrosities.

Marisa said...

The photos are amazing, Mike. I've now spent a completely inappropriate amount of time looking at them instead of working. My boss has a bone to pick with you.

thesnowleopard said...

I like the bearded hipster meets ajoshi mountain man look you have going on there Mike. I hope you never remove those pants.