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Friday, April 10, 2009

What the bus ride led up to



Hrm. Writing this post, I have an extremely awkward feeling. Probably because the people with whom I spent the most time over the past few days are the ones who are most likely to read and comment on it. Usually I can just make up realistic adventures and people will believe they really happened. In this case I ought to just stick to the facts. Thus:

Things recently done include:

-Spending Saturday-Wednesday at Yosemite with David and Andy Pekema(aka the "let's-pull-our-pants-down-and-take-a-picture-by-this-waterfall" brothers)
-- Preparing on Friday by going shopping for longjohns, plastic bowls and spoons, and a "sanitation trowel." I assumed this would be used to fling my excretions into the forest, but apparently you're supposed to dig a little pit and poo into it. You probably don't have to guess which I did.
-- hiking 45 miles or so over 5 days, over rocks and through muck and snow
-- lizard-resting on rocks in the sun, drinking purified stream water and snacking on GORP
-- eating untold amounts of aforementioned home-made GORP, plus salamei, peanut butter, and instant potatoes
-- sleeping in a sleeping bag on a tarp under the stars with piles of snow 15 feet away (aka "alpha-maling")
-- rinsing off in freezing stream water
-- taking photos of various shenanigans
-- not being afraid of bears. not even a little bit.

-Followed by several days with the illustrious Jeff Stepp, spent
--Visiting various ritzy malls in search of big, shiny watches.
--Visiting used book shops and stumbling across "The Mike Roy Cookbook No. 2" (LITERALLY!)
--Playing stupid amounts of a board/video game Jeff read about in Wired magazine called "Settlers of Catan."
--Cooking out of the "Grange Cookbook" purchased at the used book shop: aloha chicken, napoli pizza, peach crisp.
--Taking a mini-road trip from LA up to San Fran.
---First by driving up the 1, the westernmost road in the US (I figure), running along the Pacific coast.
---Stopping for a night at Morro Bay to watch seals or sea lions or whatever they were play in the marina while we had dinner.
---Going to Hearst Castle so a 65 year-old named "Art" could use his "tour" as a pretense to make about 6000 terrible puns.
---Driving through Greenfield, the town where I spent innumerable summers, looking at houses where my friends and I used to live, which have now been abandoned because the owners took out too many loans and were forced to foreclose.
---Spending an evening at Chez Pekema, eating free fish and ribs and seeing David and Andy's parents for the first time in 5 years or more.

As with the last 5 months' worth of hijinks, photos coming sooner or later.


space luge said...

our trip has provided me with another 2.5 years worth of inside-joke blog posts and names. sweet!

Mike said...


Jamal said...

What did you think of Settlers? It was the gateway drug for me...

Michael said...

What did you think of my 3 phone calls that you haven't returned? Riddle me that.