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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Regarding Pictures

I've developed a new method of informing you when I've added pictures. Instead of making a post like this and skewing the totals (I want my competition with Bob to be as legitimate as possible), I'm going to change the name of the Photos section so that it indicates when it was last updated. Thus, if you look to the left, you'll see that it says "Last updated November 7th" or something along those lines. That's because I just added pictures from my 2nd day in Seoul...July 15th.

Note that I intend to add a lot of pictures from past travels, so if none of the photo album dates match the update date, you know why.

I'll try to write stories about the days as I post the pictures. But...not now. I'll do it later. Right.

So, now that I've finally passed on some splendid photos of the Orient, go check 'em out.


Megatron said...

whoa whoa whoa.... I got demoted to #2??? what is this??

Mike said...

The administration found the change necessary in light of aesthetic considerations. Your understanding is appreciated.

Bob said...

My only question is how you managed to take all those pictures on Halloween of your Korean kids, and yet you were somehow located in souther Illinois. Why didn't you tell everyone you were back in the US?

Also, if you didn't catch it, the photo album is mapped to some random street in Illinois.

Mike said...

I noticed that it had mapped me to a cul-de-sac named Herald, but I didn't zoom out enough to see where it was. Illinois though? Dang, those google people are good.

I didn't post the information publicly because I didn't want to be swarmed by blog flans upon arrival. I'm sure you know all about that.