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Monday, November 05, 2007

재미있는 할로윈

Chae-mi-in-neun Hal-lo-win = Fun-being Halloween

You may view numerous and maximally cute Halloween photos by following the picture link to the left. You can also see some pictures of the ever-elusive George, the Scotsman who has been my partner in crime for the last several months. He's got a little cold right now, so please look at his picture and implore your respective deities to restore his health before this weekend, because we have to throw a going-away party for Chan-hyeok and Johnjohn, who are leaving for Australia this Monday.

All the kids come to the school two or three times a week for 90 minutes and do three 30 minute classes. So, on Halloween and on the day before, we canceled the 3rd class each period and did a little party with some lazy attempts by George to explain Halloween (I would have been lazy too, but my voice was gone, so I couldn't even get that far...), some running around and stabbing children with swords then hypocritically telling them to calm down when they wanted to fight back, and of course, some good old worksheets, including a worksheet that even George and I, working together, couldn't finish in 30 minutes. Take that, kiddies.

Some of them wore costumes - you may see a shot of Peter the Wizard, Tommy the Elvis/Pig, and Tom the Reaper. One also poured water on himself trying to drink from a paper cup. That's a very common occurrence at our school. I'm not talking cardboardy rigidish dixie cups. I mean a paper cone cup, but it's not a cone. It's flat, and you sort of squish it open until it's almost like a 3d V. Or a triangular prism. In other news, several little varmints tried to divest me of my helm, buckler, and armament, and many a young rapscallion tugged upon my cape. The most notorious offenders later received their comeuppance when I scooped them up and pretend to toss them either down the stairs or off of the terrace. Let that be a warning to you all: if you are less than 5 feet tall and weigh under 100 pounds, don't touch my costume.


Bob said...

That is a pretty sweet costume you're rockin out there Mike. Good buddy of mine.

Jeff said...

I'll touch your costume anytime I want, biznaga.