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Monday, November 05, 2007


Because of a certain post posted here, Bob has been demoted from fellow traveler #1 to fellow traveler #2. Note that Megan's site, which has usurped the prime position, does not even have a single post on it yet. That's how angry I am at Bob right now.

Also, Megan is in the airplane right now on the way to Switzerland.

Oh yeah, and I should know by tomorrow whether my Europe trip is going to work out, but at the moment things are looking good. I should have about 3 weeks to galavant/gallivant (the first spelling came naturally to me but M-W lists the second as primary) around London (if this Bob-feud hasn't escalated further, which it may well do), Bern (since I moved Megan to the #1 spot, I'll certainly be welcome there) , Domodossola, Genova, perhaps Sicilia, and of course my dear Padova. Also, I'll probably spend my entire year-end bonus. Sorry, retirement fund.

Finally, even though this post started as a rant against Bob, it contains some actual news, and so may be fairly counted as a legitimate post for all competition purposes. Also, for the sake of being civil: props for that lemon wedge post, Bob. It was fantastic.


Bob said...

C'mon Megan, the least you can do is put up a "hey people clicking this link from the wildly popular Mike In Daegu, I'll be updating this page soon" and then never update it. Even if you are on a plane right now.

Thanks for the lemon wedge props Mike... I'm a big fan of your use of the words "triangular prism" and "rapscallion" from your last post. Buddy.

Megatron said...

I just got internet in Switzerland, and I had no idea I was involved in such a heated feud. I will have to start posting immediately, even though I've only been here 6 hours.

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