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Friday, December 03, 2010

A New Favorite Blog

I've recently been reading a lot of this blog called "Casaubon's Book." The author, Sharon Astyk, "writes about dark things - our long history of demographic and ecological crisis, and how they may play out again. " In an attempt to establish "a way of life with a future, using a fair share of the world's resources,"she and her husband moved to upstate New York, where "now she's up to her knees in chickens and laundry, milking goats, making jam and splitting wood, while also writing books and this blog about food, energy, climate change and whatever else strikes her fancy."

Sounds pretty great, right? It's always a good day when she posts something new. It's even better, though, when she does a year-in-review post and links to her 10 or so best articles, all of which were new to me. I'll pass on a few of the ones most relevant to me and my issues:

"Should Americans Cut and Run?" is about the dilemma faced by Americans - or anyone else, for that matter - who are frustrated with or terrified of the path their country is heading along: stay where you are and try to make it work, or head somewhere where things are already better? I'm often occupied with thoughts of this sort; should I stay in Korea and find a farm? Go back to the States? Head to India or China? I've also been asked, both in India and in Korea, both rudely and politely, why I didn't stay in my own country to do my good. Astky decided to stay put; the article explains why.

Fairness, Personal Action and Al Gore's House" gives her take on why it's important to make small changes (small in terms of the size of the problem, not in terms of the effort or sacrifice required). I'm often asked why I bother eating vegan and riding my bike when, in the grand scheme of things, I'm pretty insignificant. I often ask myself, too. Her answer is fairly compelling.

"Blood on Our Hands: Dealing Ethically With the Problems of Husbandry," on why she and her family choose to raise and slaughter animals on their farm. Also convincing. If I were an apprentice at her farm, I don't think I'd stay vegan.

"Why I Hate Earth Day," concerning...uh...why she hates Earth day. Sounds weird coming from an environmentalist, but it's true. I hate it too.

If that's not enough, there's a sequel: "Why I Hate Earth Day II: The Road to Hell in Baby Steps"

I like to think she's a lot like me, except smarter, and she writes better, and she has more followers, and she lives on a farm. I suppose that's what a role model is??? So, if you like my blog, you will probably like hers more. And if you don't like mine, well, maybe you'll like hers more, because it's better. Or maybe, for that same reason, you'll like it less. I don't know. Have a look.


Andy said...

Your jokes are the best, "she's a lot like me, except smarter, and she writes better..." hahahahaha.

AZ said...

Hooray! This makes me so happy! (spelling alert: AstYK, not AstKY).

Dave said...

She's so angry. She needs to smoke more marijuana. That's environmentally friendly, right?

Mike said...

Her blog, and my reading her blog, makes me happy too!

Spelling fixed. I hope she didn't see my mistake!

There's nothing wrong with being angry if you're angry at the right things.

Organic marijuana is probably environmentally friendly. It's the only kind I would smoke IF I DID SMOKE WHICH I DON'T NOR DO I INTEND TO PLEASE DON'T DEPORT ME

(Marijuana is kind of a big deal here)

sarah said...

We were talking today at work how annoying it is that the first farm market of the year is always scheduled around Earth Day, rather than the availability of produce.