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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Several Anniversaries in One

I love to count stuff for no reason other than the sheer joy of it. What pleasure in knowing that I spent ninety-seven dollars and twenty three cents on fried rice in 2007, that I save 990 won every time I ride my bike rather than take the bus somewhere, that 22.5 km/h is a good pace on the bike, that it took David 10 months to get through a 2.06 pound container of garlic salt, and that Jamal still owes me $9.37 from college! I'm still disappointed that I haven't used google maps to figure out how far I travelled in Southeast Asia in 2008/2009.

It is thus with many elations that I report the following (pretend it's November 20th):
- Tolstoy died one hundred years ago today and I have still yet to read his "Confessions." I doubt I'll ever read "War and Peace," and I don't even really aspire to.
- I committed myself to vegetarianism precisely one year and six months ago.
- I committed myself to veganism sometime close to one year ago. No exact records were kept.
And, the big one: from the point of view of the present moment,
- I came to Korea 4 years ago, yesterday.
Also, a big event that for a while I thought would be important but which I guess I missed:
- Sometime in over this summer, the amount of time that's passed since I (and a few of you) finished school elapsed the amount of time spent in school. Is there a name for said milestone?


the epaniepsinator said...

And I am proud to have been your companion on your final journey to get your visa to said country.

the epanalepsinator said...

whoops! sure butchered that name!

Mike said...

Final journey of 2006! There were subsequent journeys in the US in 2009 and in Mumbai in 2010.

Dave said...

Fun post Mike. It's becoming increasingly clear that you are the center of the universe. I would type more, but I'm late for my dialysis appointment (damn you garlic salt!).