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Friday, July 30, 2010

My Digs

Here are some pictures of my current living arrangements. I'll be gone for almost the entire month of August, so maybe you can keep all my stuff company in spirit?

View from the entrance, through the kitchen, to the living room, with the veranda in back. First door on the right is the bedroom, next is the bathroom.

Bedroom, nice and simple. If you send me a postcard (please do!), it'll go on the bamboo thingy there.

Kitchen from another angle. So much storage space, and an awesome drying rack above the sink! Fake wood cabinet covers applied with some help from the 'rents.

My living room, from the POV of my movie projector.

Guest bed / spring bed / fall bed / nap bed / meditation corner / Buddhist aesthetic shrine. POV of the movie screen, right hand side.

POV of the movie screen, left hand side. Bookcase, dinner table.

Handmade dishes, ready to be eaten upon:

The sun rises from behind the mountains and onto my veranda. It sets outside my front door. I think I'd rather have it the other way around, but oh well.


idestra said...

Bombanaut likes your apartment pics! And that you have a veranda. Will send you a postcard soon for the bamboo wall. You will have to put it front and center.

Laura said...

But where is the giant stuffed iguana?

thesnowleopard said...

Hey, like most of that stuff was, like, mine! 그리워라!

Anonymously Tobin said...