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Friday, July 30, 2010

My Decorations

In case you were curious about my Buddhist corner, here are translations of two of the short ones.

Sound: (Big letters:) Chimmuk. (Right to left, top to bottom): Chimmuk-eun in-gani jagi jashini doeneun girida. Uriga mu-eo-shi doegi wihaeseoneun ddangsok-eseo sang-neun ssiaseui chimmukeul baeweoya handa.

Word for word translation:
(Big letters:) Silence. (Right to left, top to bottom): Silence[topic] human[subject] self[subject] becoming way is. We[subject] what[subject] become in-order-to ground-inside-at growing seed's silence[object] learn must.

Putting it naturally:
Silence. Silence is the path by which a human becomes himself. In order to become anything at all, we must learn the silence of the seed growing underground.

And the middle one:

Chinese characters: 無 (Mu, None) (Eon, Words) (Do, Tao/Road) (Sim, heart) (Jang, long).

Meaning: Only if you sit quietly and without words will your heart come to understand the Tao.

Ponder that while I go have some cool bean noodles.


sarah said...

Yesterday I was reading one of those hand written books from the 70s. The ones that are about life in a commune (and apparently a nudist one?). Anyway, this reminded me of one part on How To Slow Down. It instructed: Plant a carrot seed. Lie down and watch it grow. When it has grown, eat it.

Mike said...

"The Vietnamese plant the rice, the Cambodians watch it grow and the Lao listen to it grow."

I feel ashamed for quoting a Lonely Planet book, but it's relevant...

incept said...

More impressive is the fact that you can quote a Lonely Planet book. Not that I'm surprised.