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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Best meal ever?

I realize that I made some promises in the past regarding "mat-nan masticatables," saying that I wanted to share the joys of Korean food with all who happened to check out my blog ever ynow and again. I also realize that since the fanfare-laden post where I proposed the idea, I have not actually followed through at all. I mean, I've been eating good stuff, of course. But I haven't been telling anyone about it. Until now.

Last week, on my parents' first full day in Seoul, a friend of mine took us to a restaurant called Sanch'on, which means Mountain Village. It's owned by a monk, or a former monk, so they don't serve any meat, eggs, onions, etc. This may sound lame, but I assure you, it is not. It was hands-down the best Korean food I have ever eaten. Also nearly the most expensive - 20 bucks per person - though this isn't much considering a) how outstanding it is; b) how healthy it is; and c) how easy it is to spend 30 or 40 or 50 bucks on fruit-flavored soju and crappy bar food.

I beg you to look at a few of the following pictures and follow them to my photo site. It may just change your life.

From 2010-06-11 Best Meal Ever


Anonymous said...

사진으로만 봐도 군침이 도는걸~ 부모님도 행복한 미소를 짓고 계시고ㅎㅎ 절 음식은 아니지만 부모님이랑 한정식 먹고 싶으면 연락하셩~

Anonymous said...
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