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Sunday, September 13, 2009

How to spot a fauxbo

On the left: visa photo taken in November, 2008, just before my wandering around Southeast Asia began. Stamped by the Laotian embassy in Ho Chi Minh city, booya!

On the right: visa photo taken in Seoul in late July, '09, while preparing for my Korean work visa, which of course will not be issued until...

In the future: photo taken in February, 2010, after I return from 5 months of farming and fauxboing in India. What will future Mike look like then? Does anyone have photoshop skills?

That's right, preparations have (mostly) been made and I have every intention (yes, all of them, collected over a few weeks or so) of leaving Korea for India in about 10 days, provided my visa arrives in the mail tomorrow, as the embassy just promised me.

I'm going to start my journey in Chennai (formely Madras), which is located near the Southern tip of India in Tamil Nadu province. A little south of there is an old French town called Puducherry (formerly Pondicherry), a few kilometers from which one can find the Sadhana reforestation project. In addition to reforestation, there are also ongoing efforts to improve the water, grow organic vegetables, and live quiet and sustainable lives. The minimum stay is two weeks, but I might stay longer depending on how great it is.

After that, there is a whole network of other farms and volunteer opportunities, in addition to all the normal travel options. New Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Sri Lanka. Food. Diarrhoea.


Bob said...

That sounds awesome Mike! I'm very excited for you.

Laura said...

sorry I was horrible at chatting yesterday- I was skyping a friend and have trouble talking and typing at the same time on two different subjects! Congrats on India! It sounds awesome! Take lots of photos and bring lots of Imodium!!!!!