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Thursday, June 11, 2009


I've added some photos from the past 2 months. San Fran, Alturas, Boston, Philly, Madison.

Also, regarding the job offer mentioned in the previous post, it is pretty much going nowhere. The contract was funky and the lady, who was very nice during the interview, has stopped responding to my emails. Ah well.

I do have a summer camp position lined up in Seoul, which starts July 15th. So I guess I'll be going back to Korea by then. I also have numerous job applications pending and am waiting on the results of a few interviews for more long-term positions. But, I figure, if I don't get any, I can just go to Mongolia or something.

After 7 months of (much desired) unemployment, I may have forgotten what working is like.


Jamal said...

Sorry to hear about your job not working out. What do you mean the contract was funky?

Mike said...

It didn't mention a lot of stuff that's standard in Korean contracts, like sick days, emergency leave, severance pay, vacation time. Actually the contract was only 2 pages long. Normally they're closer to 6 or 7.

ewe know hoo said...

You coming out this way on your way back to Korizea?