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Monday, July 23, 2007

Some pictures. See below post for more explanations

I hate fooling with pictures on this site.
Anyway, these two guys are people I
don't know in the least. I met them at the
gym on the night mentioned below
and haven't seen them since. But we
were friends.

This is "coach." I don't know his name.
Everyone just calls him "coach." Actually
the korean word is "coa-chee." He's really
really good at squash. And funny. And goofy.

Just a shot off all the people at the gym.

Below you can see me and coach bonding, some other goofbag wandering into the shot, the gym owner (in the bandana, also really good at squash), me and the gym owner bonding, and me and another korean guy named Jae Dong. Ignore my pit stains please.

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