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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


http://www.jeffstepp.com/mike/kiddies/ for some pictures (and even a few videos) of kids at the hagwon (academy).

There's a middle school student named tom. The following is a cell phone message conversation I had with him:

Me (unprovoked): stop playing computer games
Tom: thank you but i already played computer game ccc (in korean ㅋㅋㅋ (kkk) means laughing)
Tom (5 minutes later): for 10 hours.
Me: you're ridiculous
Tom: (In korean)!I'm not silly, you're crazy! Mike, you're so stupid (korean letters, english sounds)
Me: I'm giving the class extra homework and telling them it's your fault
Tom:what's my fault?
me: (simplified repetition)
Tom: (in korean)I don't understand
me: (explanation about how it was punishment for him calling me stupid)
Tom: (in korean): but you called me silly before i called you stupid!
me: that's because you played video games for 10 hours. you are silly.
tom: yeah, but it was wonderful cc
me: ok, you win. do your homework and don't come late tomorrow.
tom: cc i win you lose (now in korean) tomorrow i'll come late cc


Jeff said...

It looks like you made a girl cry in that Tommy video. But you are so tigery.

Can't wait for more posts about Mjja...I mean, Seoul! (you didn't think i could go a whole post without an reference no one else would understand, did you?)

Mike said...

She wasn't crying. She just didn't want scuzzballs like you looking at her on the internet...


Adam said...

man... little kids are awesome, in small doses.