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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Some Pictures

This one was taken from what would be my front yard, if it weren't a street. Most notable for the telling contrast between the little peasant field (I assume that's what it is, though I haven't seen anyone working on it) and the skyrise apartments in the back. No, I don't live in one of those.

This is the building I live in. The sign on the left says "bidio" (video) and the one on the right sayd "daegu" something or other. I live on the 2nd floor.

This one is the big store where I do my shopping. The Korean script says "Samseong," or as we like to say, Samsung.

The cart lights up at night. Koreans don't love xmas all that much, but apparently they love it just enough that stores find decorating and changing their music and selling appropriate gear to be profitable.

A building I pass on my way to school. Looks like a sweet castle, probably some guards with arrows and maybe boiling pitch in the tower. The reflection on the glass is the apartment skyrise across the street.


Mike said...

More pictures will come once I figure out whey it won't let me add any more.

Adam said...

damn! mike beat me to the first post! but hey, no worries jeff, there are two more cherries to pop up there still!

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe if you got the milk products out of your camera/connection/computer it would work better. I'd recommend you keep the whey in your cheese, but maybe they do it differently there in East _____ (edited for content, multiple times). Typo flame, haha!

By the way, take one of that shopping cart at night. I'm like a racoon for the shiny!

Anonymous said...

Where's that Jamal character anyway?