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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

In the eyes of babes

By babes here, I mean youngins, and not the other meaning. Below are the renditions of me of me that these Michael Jackson loving 15 year olds drew sometime last week. The one with text says "Silly Mike, hehehe/silly Gemma [my coteacher's name] :-D/ Gemma is a yellow monkey."

Also, in the spirit of a certain friend who will remain unnamed in case everyone thinks the following is dumb, here are some bizarre statistics about this past month or so that nobody really cares about:
Arrival date: 29 November
Full teaching weeks: 3
Days here: 24
Average wakeup time: 11:00AM

Average bedtime: 2:00 AM
Average work hours: 2:30-10:00 pm
Miles walked: 75
Corndogs eaten: 4-6, depending on how you count the doubly-fried ones
PBJs eaten: 18
Bananas eaten: roughly 7000
Vegetable medleys made: 15
Percent of work days involving free food: 67

Episodes of Chappelle’s show watched: all of them

Pages read: 600ish
Conversations with native English speakers: 1 Other whiteys spotted: 5 (all male)Movies/songs downloaded: 0Channel-surfing sessions ending in disgust at the omnipresence of american pro-wrestling: 83%

And yeah, I have no clue how the formatting here works.


Adam said...

no downloading! i thought that was like pirating capitol of the world...

Renée & Lloyd said...

totally unrelated to this post, but Merry Christmas from Auntie Sue, Uncle Kenny and your Allen cousins...we got a hold of your blogspot address and will be checking in now and again.

continue to enjoy your Korean adventure :-)

The Bombanaut said...

Do you have internet in your apartment yet?

PS- I don't remember your lips being that big. But if you've had some sort of crazy Korean lip surgery, I like it!