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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

(8253) 290-7610

For all you internet stalkers out there, the above is my phone number. First person who figures out how to dial it from America and then posts instructions for the others wins a seriously gigantic prize.


Bob said...

From some brief googling... it looks like this might be the answer.

011 + 82 + (8253) 290-7610

I haven't tried it, but why would the internet lie to me?

Anonymous said...

You're almost right bobby. You don't need the first 82 because the 82 at the beginning of his number is the country code.

I tested this out by calling Mike Roy from my office and waking him up at 1:30 am his time.

Sorry Mike!

So, you just dial

Mike said...

Thanks for the help, good pals. And for the wakeup call.

The Bombanaut said...

Any idea how much this costs us USA cell phone users?

The Bombanaut said...

PS - Mike, nice Korean site title. Babelfish translates it as: Me Korea five five mes to do well!