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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Week 7 and 8 Eats

Note: I'm trying out a new format here because trying to coordinate several blocked websites at once is, surprise, a giant hassle.  

The day-in and day-out face-stuffing continues!  We have yet to enter the tropics, so there's nothing very exotic in terms of fruits and veggies here, but we continue to run into cheap, delicious food at just about every corner.  I wish cycling were more difficult so that I could burn more calories riding and fuel up bigger during breaks, but my body seems to have adjusted to the wear and tear.  I think I'm actually eating less now than I was when I was just sitting around Daegu doing nothing.  Weird, but anyhow, everything rules!  And, my re-commitment to veganism has so far been pretty easy.  Aside from the goat brain fiasco.

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j said...

That goat brain would have been a great way to pass me the PB as well.