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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Slight Change of Plans Regarding the 1KFTFFF

UPDATE: NEVERMIND THIS POST. I'm gonna post everything here, and post whatever seems to fit well onto Hansik. I'll also be posting everything over at our team blog, http://happybeareats.blogspot.com. Tune in over there if you want to see how Anina, Andy, Tanya, and Greg's takes differed from mine.


From now on, all my posts regarding the First Korean Food Tour for Foreign Foodies are going to appear exclusively on the Hansik website in the Hostpot Review section. My team has made this decision in order to make sure that our posts are pulling traffic towards the Hansik site, rather than away from it. It should also make it easier for the people at Hansik to see how hard Team Happy Bear is working.

Thus, the post just under this one about brekky has been reposted here.

Eventually, after a ten day or two week delay, everything will get republished here; in the meantime, though, please follow the links I post to my articles on the Hansik website.

Much appreciated! Happy vicarious food tourism!

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