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Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's the first ray-ee-nee day, of the year.

A one month post dearth! A deep, unsightly gash in my blog's epidermis! The agony of a stifled desire to write, to share to good news, to recount excursions undertaken and lessons learned. To record anything and everything, for you, for me, for posterity. Time lost, thoughts unrecoverable, a black hole in my memory. And perhaps, lacking news from me, in your heart as well?

If so, I apologize. I'll make it up to you.

Today, I intend to put an end to all of the above. Because:

It's raining.
And I've got a sore throat.
And a giant pitcher of homemade honey jujube tea.
And a bag full of muffin top cookies made by my friend Sandy.
And, for the first time in what feels like forever, not a single obligation.
And a billion things that I want to share.

This post is just preliminary though. First, I think I need to take a nap and make a list and pot some plants. Then I'll be back.

In the meantime, watch this video! I originally started this blog thinking I'd be telling my friends what South Korea is like. How people live, how they play, how they talk, what they eat, where they go, stuff like that. All the little, mundane trivia that constitute "knowledge" of a place and its people. Over the past year, though, I think I've replaced whatever amount of "cultural relaying" that I was doing with a bunch of stuff about my fauxboing and experiments and opinions.

Which is to say, this video is a million times better than any official "Sparkling Korea" (I could do a whole post on ridiculous city monikers) toursit-lure video I've ever seen. Maybe it's just the histper-friendly soundtrack and editing, I don't know. But the way the scenes are cut to the beat, and the way the protagonists reappear a few times, makes the video feel like it comes from the heart (whereas official ones tend to feel like they came from the boardroom.)

(If you'd like, compare it to the official ones, search for "Korea Sparkling" or "Korea Inspiring" on YouTube.)


Meeps said...

Ah! I love that video! I might post it on my blog too~ Thanks for sharing! :)

Mike said...

Awesome! Consider it a "thank you" for passing the article about FMD and the SNU veg buffet on to me ^^