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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Address

South Korea has been in the process of reforming its street address system since before I arrived, and everything is finally going into effect in 2011. Thus, if you plan on sending me any postcards, letters, donations, or vegan goodies in the future, please address them to:

Mike Roy
South Korea
Daegu Gwangyeok-si Buk-gu
Gonghang-no 84, Bldg 105 Apt 1308
(Bokhyeon-dong, Bokhyeon Woobang Town)

마이크 로이
대구광역시 북구
공항로 84, 105동 1308호
(복현동, 복현우방타운)

FYI, I live in "Daegu Metropolitan City(/Megalopolis), North District, Airport Road 84"


ewe no hoo said...

What is this? "(Bokhyeon-dong, Bokhyeon Woobang Town)" Do I need to include it?

Mike said...

Yeah, the letter I got from the government included that part in parentheses too. I suggest just copying the text into a new document, printing it, and attaching it to the envelope.

Though, to be fair, whether you do it in English or Korean, typos or not, everything seems to make it. Except one care package from India.