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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another reason I love my bicycle

My first vacation in nearly 3 weeks is starting tomorrow. After 12 days of work (M-Th, 3 times), I now get 10 days off. I am planning on going with a polish friend to visit an organic sweet pumpkin / acorn squash farm a bit south of Seoul. As it's holiday season, I have been trying to get my train tickets in advance.

Thus, I wasted 90 valuable minutes last night restarting my computer, changing browswers, installing programs, filling out online applications, clicking through schedules, getting sent back to the start, and doing it all again, only to get to the last step, which it turns out can't be done on a computer that doesn't have the Korean version of Windows installed.

So tonight I took my trusty bicycle, clipped on a flashy light, adjusted my pontytail so that my helmet fit properly, biked to the train station, locked up the bike, bought the tickets, came back out, avoided some Mormons, biked home, and wrote a blog entry about how much I love my yellow bicycle. All in about half an hour!


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