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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Looming Bicentennial

That's right, believe it or not, post 200 is just around the corner. (This one is #196). I've decided to revamp the blog a bit, in part because I when changed the dimensions of the main entries a few weeks ago, something with the symmetry went slightly haywire (clearly unacceptable), but primarily because I wanted to add the little label search feature up top so that you / I can choose what kind of logorhhea to ingest. The options are:

Adventures: Covers trips and travels and odd happenings of various sorts.
Ecofanaticism: Self-explanatory. But I don't think I like the self-mockery of the name. Expect it to change soon. Positive suggestions welcome.
Korea: Anything relating to Korean language, culture, customs, quirkiness, etc. Maybe work-related issues as well.
Responses: My reactions to news, articles, comments from you friends, etc.
Veg(etari)anism: Pertaining to the non-consumption of animals and animal products.
맛난 Masticatables: Long-ago promised section on Korean food as well as any goodies I fortuitously whip up.

I agonized for quite a while over what sort of background and layout to go with. I could have chosen a spiffy one with some nice completely computer generated sunset or prarie, or a photoshopped bucket of oragnic-looking veggies, or a nice wood pattern, or some bamboo, or maybe an old, classy rotary phone or train station scene, but I decided that all of them were too pretty and fake and prefab to adequately reflect the alternating bitterness, puns, ecorage, joy in small linguistic accomplishments, and predilection for asides, parentheticals, hyphenations, portmanteaus, coinages, and nerdery that keep you all (I don't even know who that refers to, really) coming back for more.

What an infathomably complex character I am! I never cease to fascinate myself. Nor does self ever cease to fascinate myI. I suppose that's why I've made it this far (wherever that is).

Hope it's easy on the eyes. I wish you pleasant reading, many a chuckle, and healthy doses of guilt and indignance.

1 comment:

Dave said...

I like the new layout. As you said, the simplicity suits you, and serves as a nice counterbalance to your complex worldview. Adding the Search gadget might be helpful to both you and your readers (or instance, if we want to search for posts containing the word "ducks", it would pop up that odd series of posts you had on water fowl some time ago. I'm babbling.

A few notes as to the post's content:

- You don't like the self-mockery or accuracy of "Ecofanaticism"? How about "Going Environ(mental)"? I guess that doesn't solve the self-mockery issue. And might not even be funny.
- You comment about the sub-par symmetry being "unacceptable" and the entire penultimate paragraph cracked me up.
- I first read the last sentence as "...and healthy doses of guilt and indigestion", which would probably be fine with you as well.