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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


About 5 days ago, I returned to Korea, alive and mostly unscathed, after 5 months in India. I've mostly been spending my time visiting old pals and searching for used or sustainable or socially responsible goods shops and markets, from the inventories of which I hope to furnish and outfit my abode and feed my face. So far I've been pleasantly surprised at the amount of fair trade, pesticide free, local, and organic shops and products and produce around, though this surprise is accompanied by an equally strong suspicion that either a)I'm being duped, or b)that even buying such warm and fuzzy products is probably not enough to reduce my footprint to anywhere near sustainable or equitable levels.

Anyhow, I am still going through all the bureaucracy involved in getting my foreigner/alien ID card, which I need before I can get a phone, an ISP, or health insurance. Once the hospital verifies that I don't have AIDS and that my blood is methamphetamine-free, I can go ahead and submit everything to immigration. Then it'll take about two weeks for the card to come out, at which point I can reconnect with all the modern technology I have been feeling so ambiguous about.

So, while I'm off the radar, if you feel like doing something sweet, how about sending me a card or something? It would be much appreciated, both for the sentimental value of whatever you should choose to send as well as for the help it would lend me in testing the Korean postal service and paving the way for possible future shipments of veganish products from the West.

Mike Roy
대구 광역시 북구
복현2동 260번지
복현 우방타운 105동 1308호

Mike Roy
Daegu Kwangyeok=si Buk-gu
Bokhyeon 2-dong 260 Beonji
Bokhyeon Woobang Town Bldg.105 Apt. 1308
South Korea

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