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Thursday, January 07, 2010


When it goes well:

Me: Sir! One banana, how much?
Him: Ten rupee.
Me: HA! See you later.
Him: (laughing) OK, OK, three rupee.
Me: (also laughing) (buys the banana).
(more reciprocal smiling)

When it goes poorly:

Me (to rickshaw driver): Sir! How much to the train station?
Him: 150 rupees.
Me: HA! The front desk at my hotel says 30 rupees is a good price.
Him: You have a mobile number for 30 rupee man? Go call him.
Me: (ashamed, speechless).


Dave said...

I like that your counteroffer always begins with a loud guffaw.

Mike said...

Hey, if it works, it works.