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Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I have now officially passed all 4 assignments, passed the first 7 teaching sessions, completed the 8th, and just have to wait for the results and attend a few more lectures and feedback sessions. I am virtually guaranteed a pass and might even get a "pass B," which is kind of like honors. There's also a "pass A" but apparently nobody ever gets it. So, I've done pretty well. 2500 dollars well spent!

2 more days bumming around school, 2 days "decompressing" with my classmates at a hotel with a pool, a week in Bangkok, and then back to Korea, qualification hand. Booya.


GG said...

And then to the US! WHEEEEEEE!

Dave said...

Well done. Sounds like you're setting the curve as usual. Do you get a gold tassel at graduation for the "pass B"?

Dave said...

You're certainly setting the curve in beard quality.

Anonymous said...

Qualification hand is a quality way to arrive. Pirsig concurs.

Mike said...

Update: Looks like I did give the only lesson to receive an "above standard" (so far). That means I have a realistic shot at a pass B, which gives me a platinum tassel as well as the superpower of my choice.

And this anonymous person/people is/are so mysterious! First spelling my name wrong, then dropping a preposition. Wants us to think he/she/they is/are less clever than he/she/they really is/are. Very Daoist of him/her/them. But I'm on to you/you(pl).

Doesn't Pirsig capitalize Quality?