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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Not counting this post, there is some freaky blog action going on. As of last night's entry, according to the "blog archive" on the left side of the page:

13 posts in 2006
50 posts in 2007
49 posts in 2008
13 posts in 2009 (so far)

You are free (pun!) to read divine providence into this if you'd like. I know I have/do/will.


David said...

I think a movie starring Nick Cage needs to be made about your blog.

Mike said...

Nick Cage falls under the category of "people I most abhor". He's funny-looking, rich, pretentious, makes dumb movies and has no principles, and is married to a cute Korean woman. The mix of scorn and jealousy he stirs up in me is agonizing.

David said...

Yeah, after having the misfortune of seeing "Conair" twice in a two month stretch my sophomore year of high school I no longer have the ability to watch anything having to do with Nick Cage. I only chose him because he seems to do all these horrible movies dealing with weird numbers, random coincidences and codes: "National Treasure", "Knowing", etc.

Mike said...

Ah, so there was a reason other than the "likely to piss Mike off factor"