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Monday, January 19, 2009

Two short lists

Things you can buy for about a dollar:
-a pineapple, peeled and cored and ready to eat
-a mango, similarly prepared
-a pound of strawberries
-various fresh fruit juices and shakes
-dandy lunch A): bowl of tofu and noodles, 2 spring rolls, and a bottled drink
-dandy lunch B): Bahn Xeo (vietnamese omelette/crepe), also with 2 spring rolls and drink
-17 sticky-rice pyramids wrapped in coconut leaves
-a 450ml bottle of Saigon Red beer (75 cents at happy hour), or most of the cheaper cocktails (2 for 1 or 4 for 3 at happy hour)
-4 hours of internet time
-2 new flip flops

Things you can put on the back of a little motorbike:
-2 parents, 3 children
-1 parent, 4 children
-1 mattress (queen sized)
-a plate of glass, or perhaps plexiglass, also the size of a queen mattress.
-1 large potted plant (palm tree?)
-large bundles of sugarcane stalks (to be used for juicing)
-3 plastic crates of 24 (maybe 36?) beer bottles each
-metal and pvc poles 4-5 times longer than the bike itself
-up to 8 miscellaneous boxes

and more that I can't remember.


RenaissanceMan said...
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D-Pek said...

Mike, thanks for sating my list fetish. Bahn Xeo sounds delicious (and protein laden). And I'm pretty sure placing me somewhere with 75 cent happy hour beers would lead to my early demise.

I just started reading some DFW and am already impressed by his wit, style, and general perspective.

Mike said...

Yeah, I read a DFW essay on Roger Federer once, and although I kind of had to hate Fed because my roommate Adam liked him so much and I'm just a jerk like that, I thought the essay was pretty crazy. I didn't really like it, per se, but I could tell I might enjoy DFW writing about something else. I hope you save whatever you're reading so that I can mooch it come March. (Useless Lists : David :: Mooching Anything : Mike)

AZ said...

Mmmm...fruit. I like fruit. If only you could bring some of that $1 fresh fruit back to the US as a wedding gift for me and the J-man. I guess you'll just have to bring yourself.

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