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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Only One

OK, I'll post one picture. This was taken while going coconut-hunting. All you need is a 40-foot long bamboo pole with a metal hook tied to the end to jimmy the little beasts out of their little treehouse and a machete to hack them to pieces and eat them. You could wear a helmet, but I think a falling coconut would probably kill you anyway.

A tip I learned from my friend who used to live in the forest: the coconut is almost entirely self-sufficient. By which I mean that, if you have a machete, you can chop off a slice of the husk and use it as a spoon to cut the fruity flesh out of the inside, or you can make a little nick in the husk, pull it up, and, voila, you've got a string for carrying the 'nut or tying it to your bike or something.


Anonymous said...

Alternatively, they make good hats.

DJ Davestructo said...

Between the ironic shirt, mustachioed visage, wispy hair and thick framed glasses I'm more than impressed by your uber-high hipster quotient.

When you're in LA we need to hit up some used clothing stores then take in a show at the Troubadour.

Mike said...

I don't know what you're talking about. My hipster days are SO 3 years behind me. Whatever hair condition you're referring to can probably be accounted for by the fact that I'd taken a bath in the dirty river a few hours before taking the photo. The glasses are leftover from my hipster days and I'm too stingy and environment-friendly to get new ones. I suppose you're right about the ironic shirt. It was $5 at an art museum in Singapore. Can't pass on an offer like that, now can I?

the demon barber of stepp street said...

what the hell is that disgusting dead animal on your face remove it immediately

Anjaincambodia said...

Hi mike,

this is anja
i sent an email to delphine 2 days ago (I explicitly went 4 km for this) but no replY!??
no error message either. maybe you can help??

found a very nice and quite place right at the beach.
hope you are having fun!

hugs anja

hi Delpine!

i found a really nice spot and i have a little hut right at the beach. no veranda, only cold water, but right at the beach!! for 5 dollars! I will try to find one for you tomorrow morning, if not we share mine as long as we find a second one, if you like.

its in Otres Beach, on the way you pass otres nautica where one can rent catamarans and kayaks (shall we?) :-)) and then comes "Mien Mien"and after that comes my place. I THINK it is called Vanna but I'm not sure.
I will stay a couple of days here i think. its nice and they offer jungle walks and nice boat trips.

(I will not be able to read your answer as the internet is 4 km from my place and i won''t go to town before tomorrow afternoon.

take care.
HOPE you will join me tomorrow!!!


Mike said...

Hey Anja!

Glad you found my blog. I'm in Saigon now, but Delphine is still in Phnom Penh taking care of her visas. We checked emails together last night, though, and she got yours. I think she'll go down to Sihanoukville tomorrow or the day after.

Have a good time. Don't steal any more desserts...