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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

On the way home last night

I went downtown last night for open mic night at a bar for foreigners ("Commune's Lonely Hearts Club"). Happened to run into a friend I hadn't met in a while, and on the way home, we share the following conversation:

Me: You know I'm leaving soon?
Medium Mike: Oh? You gonna throw a party? [the open mic also served as another friend's goodbye party]
Me: Nah. I'll just make sure to see everyone I want to see one last time before I go. I'm not really into parties.
Medium Mike: What, you don't like being the center of attention?
Me: Not so much, no.
Medium Mike: Are you human?

Thanks, Mike.

Also, a third Mike was sitting in the back seat. Also, there were 4 other Mikes at the bar. So really, my blog name would be pretty ambiguous were it not written in Korean.

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