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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And now, for your edification,

I will do my best to translate the Korean version of this song. You may recognize it. The Korean title is "I'm OK." Or maybe, "I'll be OK."

Caveat: I won't try to be too artsy with the translation. I'm going for bizarrity, instead.

"If you leave, I'll be left behind
to pass the night without tears
you probably believe me and you're probably sorry
but I'm ok
don't give me your sympathy
I'm ok, I'm ok

Don't think that time meant everything to me
No matter how weak I look, no matter how young I look
I'm ok
I won't collapse
I'm ok, turn around and go.
I don't want that love that resembled love
no matter how beautiful, no matter how dreamy
if for all eternity it can't change.
I'm ok
I I'm ok.
I I'm ok
I I'm ok

Don't look at me with those eyes
I don't need that kind of sympathy
I'm going to forget you
I'm going to forget everything [this is a fudge, the grammar's confusing]
I'm going to do it for sure, I'm going to erase you away
Just leave like that, don't turn around and look at me
Don't make me any more miserable
Everyone, one time or so, suffers a separation
I'm ok"

And then cue the chorus a few more times.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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