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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A diary entry

Not from me, but from one of my students, an elementary schooler in 3rd or 4th grade. Hopefully I'm not violating any copyright or confidentiality laws by posting this....

"Mr Mike is old. He is my Eiglsh teacher. He is tells funny jokes. He is small (스마일) We are like Mike Teacher But He is sometimes boring ㅋㅋ"

What she wrote in Korean there indicates that she wanted to say "smile" but didn't know how to say it. Also, the two little doodads at the end mean laughing.


Jamal said...

Do they call you Mr. Mike?

Mike said...

No, actually I have no clue why she said that. When they address me directly, they usually call me "Teacher" (with no surname attached), and when they talk about me to someone else, I'm called "Mike Teacher," which is a translation of the way it's said in Korean. I don't know where she came up with "Mr. Mike,"

amazing grace said...

It's like Mr. Ed.


Taiguy said...

that's crazy mr. mike